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Providing Computer Aided Design (CAD) Services to Professionals Since 1985
over 900 million square feet documented...  and counting.

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History of CAD Excellence

  • Over 25 years in the CAD business delivering projects on-time, in budget, and correct.

  • Existing client base of top companies like Home Depot, PGA Tour Superstores, and Top Architectural, Engineering and Design Firms across the country.

  • We do not "farm out" our work to 3rd world nations. All of our work is performed in or from our offices.

  • We only hire people talented at CAD and all are extensively tested and trained.

Project Cost Savings

  • ASSI gets the job right the first time with time tested procedures and systems.

  • We automate any procedure that has to be performed more than one time with our experience and knowledge of programming. We wrote the AutoCAD programming that Home Depot store planning uses to layout stores

  • We bill by the actual time that it takes us to do your job - no fluff - no extras - we track our time in 1/4 hour increments so you don't pay for our coffee breaks

We Promise Only What we can Deliver
  •  We specialize in CAD work and projects that benefit our clients most.

  • We always deliver on our projects. We have never had to abandon a project or client.

  • ASSI staff has a broad base of experience from building construction to IT support in order to make your project happen.
We are a REAL CAD company
  • We buy our CAD Software, not pirate it.

  • We have REAL offices with REAL people.

  • We keep up to date on technology with the latest software, hardware, and networking.

  • We maintain all of our own systems including file servers, e-mail servers, web servers, backup servers, and network security.

  • Architectural Services

  • As Built Documentation

  • CAD Outsourcing

  • CAD Drafting

  • Paper to CAD conversions

  • Drawing Archival

  • CAD Programming & Customizing

  • CAD Training
  • Square Footage Takeoffs

  • Space Planning

  • Store Planning

  • AutoCAD Experts

We at ASSI say that we have been doing CAD since before there were PCs, which is true. Starting in 1985 in a small office in Atlanta, Georgia with a couple of super-mini computers running GraphNet CAD, ASSI offered CAD services to architects and engineers. This is when CAD was considered a novelty and we were asked, "Why do drafting on a computer?".

Today ASSI has offered CAD services to hundreds of different clients. ASSI set up all of the Home Depot construction document standards as well as did the CAD programming and training for Depot's store planning department. ASSI did CAD work for many of the 1996 Olympic venues. We were involved with the historic preservation of the Fox Theater, an Atlanta landmark. ASSI has had a CAD presence in and around Atlanta for 27 years. No other CAD business compares, and indeed our competition are our ex-employees.

We at ASSI pride ourselves in "Doing CAD Right". We are a company which strives to provide a superior product at a fair price. We aim for "Win - Win" relationships with our clients. Our joy is to provide our clients with services and products that delight them.

No other CAD company can offer the depth of knowledge and experience of ASSI. When you want the best you can rely on ASSI to deliver.

377 Richardson Road, SE - Calhoun, GA 30701
(770) 886-6156