Home Depot & Expo

ASSI Created the CAD drawing system and prototypes that allowed Home Depot and Expo to design and build 2000 locations since 1987

ASSI developed a consistent drawing set structure to minimize modifications from building to building.

Floor plans were made into a "key plan" for area blowups.

Elevations were prototyped for construction types such as tilt-up, block and steel.

Blow up areas were referenced directly from the main floor plan sheet so changes on the floor plan were immediately reflected on the blow up sheet.

A "cell" system was created so that each detail took up 1,2,3... cells. The details were referenced into the sheet file at different scales. Retaining the referenced details meant that one job's details could be mixed and matched with another job's details.

Details were numbered / referenced by their location on the sheet so contractors knew where to find each detail easily.


ASSI developed an automated store layout program for Home Depot


Using AutoLisp programming a system was developed so that store planners could automatically insert racking into their layouts. Special pull down menus and buttons were created and programmed to insure accuracy and increase productivity.

The "racking program" developed by ASSI reduced layout time and generated orders for racking and racking accessories.

All of the racking was 3D set to actual heights as determined by the "racking program"

Even the completion of data included in Home Depot's titleblock was automated by the "racking program". What took hours for a store planner to do was reduced to seconds.

ASSI supports Home Depot with CAD assistance at all levels.


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