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A Programming Approach to Drafting

Three months before the Olympics came to Atlanta AIM (Architectural Image Manufacturing) approached ASSI about laying out the aluminum skin panels for the 6 truncated conical shaped columns to surround Olympic Centennial Park.

Rather than "draft" a layout for aluminum skin panels and hole placement ASSI created a program that mathematically calculated the shape and hole placement in the form of a CAD script...

This created a CAD file with a layout for each progressive aluminum panel on the truncated conical shape.

This created a series of panels for the entire shape which was then saved to Computer Numerical Control files and used by laser cutters to fabricate the panels.

A good thing that a programming solution was used. This 3D CAD file was printed on a 10' piece of paper and shown to the architect. When shown the layout the architect changed his mind about the spacing of the holes! Because it was a program, ASSI simply changed the formula and re-ran the routine.

and in time for the Atlanta Olympic Games...

A monument to stand the test of time ...

designed to illuminate the night sky.

 ASSI and AIM.
Partnering for excellence...

377 Richardson Road, SE - Calhoun, GA 30701
(770) 886-6156